Wikis in Action

It was my aim this year to make use of wikispaces.  For most of the year I have been using them as a place to put work for classes and have a wiki for each year group.

For my exam class the wiki was a great place to store games, links for various units and bits of advice on writing – the S4 wiki in particular was much used.

I have used the S1 wiki in a similar way, using it for example to put their vokis and films on learning être.  Up until this week I had always loaded the information myself, however I decided to let them make their own pages.  The first problem was having to vacate my classroom – I hadn’t intended to take all 25 to the library at once, however an exam had been put into my room so time for explanation was limited to about 5mins before we all set off.  They all had to join wikispaces – few of them knew their school email address (it’s quite long!), some were putting in usernames wikispaces wouldn’t accept etc etc.  However despite all this we succeed more or less.  The next step is to have them join wikispaces so that they can create pages and add more information to them.

My next step is to continue to develop the use of the wikis next year and see where it all leads!

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