S1 sing about hobbies – new podcast episode

Inspired by a suggestion from a conference I was at last week from HMI (and I think the idea comes from St Ninians originally?), I got S1 to put the phrases they’ve been using to talk about hobbies to well known tunes.  Now you might not realise it from listening to them but two of these are meant to be to Baa Baa Black Sheep, but in my mind I couldn’t separate it from Twinkle, Twinkle and as I was helping the two groups concerned I put them off the tune.

Class responded well to this – done in cooperative groups in 30 minutes they were allocated tunes randomly and had 30 minutes to write their song and then copy it onto big sheets of paper so we could all see.  We recorded them this morning using an iPod and mic – if you are about to listen to them I should apologise at this point, to be able to read the words I had to stand at the back of the class and I had the mic, class had their backs to me reading the words, so unfortunately although there were 30 of them singing, my voice is the one that can be heard, but they deserve to have their work played to the world – in future I’ll get one of them to record from the front!

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