A Happy Day…

…because I managed to unpack (finally) some of many iPods, for which we (at last) have mics and was able to charge seven of them at once (the multi usb thing actually works!), so they can be used tomorrow.  S3 have never podcast before but were very motivated today writing scripts to do podcasts on regular French verbs – they know they can’t get it wrong, someone might looking to learn about regular verbs might pick up their podcast and use it to learn.  I could hear S2 fluent speakers podcasting this afternoon and my own S2s are going to use them tomorrow.  S4 are about to book into hotels using a media of their choice.  I hate seeing equipment unused and these iPods have been annoying me for a while until we got together all the bits and pieces to make them work.  Roll on tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “A Happy Day…

  1. Hi Lynne,

    Great news. What is the make of your USB hub and do you charge it from the mains or from a USB itself?

    Best wishes


  2. It’s called a D-link – bought from Misco and I know our technician checked that it should work before he bought it. It is plugged into mains and linked to laptop via a usb cable and then seven iPods are connected to it. Working brilliantly and some S2s have just recorded themselves, and are delighted with the result.

  3. I guess so – the last two days I’ve worked out how many need to be charged (one per group) so needed 4 for S3 and 7 for S2, then had them charging during the day, putting some on when I come in first thing. We’ll need to work out a system – other thing I need to look at is syncing them to dedicated iBooks. Some had been used this morning by S3 and then again by S2, but downloading to different iBooks, so we’d to erase them (fortunately the S3 stuff was done with). Obviously we’ll want to have listening materials on them too, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem – we just need to get organised!

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